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Our Club, Mon-Valley HOG, Chapter 1773, Pittsburgh Pa

 The Mon-Valley HOG Chapter #1773 of the Harley Owner's Group® was formed in 1990 and is proudly sponsored by Hot Metal Harley Davidson.  The Mon-Valley Chapter of the Harley Owners Group® is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit, volunteer, organization which is part of the largest manufacturer sponsored owner's association in the world!  We are proud to welcome new and experienced riders alike!  If you are new to group riding, let us show  you how much fun it can be.  If you are an experienced rider, either we may show you some new destinations or maybe you can show us some!  We meet the first Wednesday of each month, 7:30 PM at  Level 20,  1033 Paxton Dr, Bethel Park, Pa.  15102  

Where we ride



Our motto is  “Let's Ride,” and to that end, we have dozens of rides, events, and activities throughout the year. We start our riding season off as early as Pittsburgh weather will allow and follow that with a mixture of rides, events, and activities so that every member can be involved.  Our ride calendar will have a mix of short rides, long rides, Saturday rides, Sunday rides, lunch rides, dinner rides, in-state rides, out-of-state rides, over-the-weekend mini vacation rides, and one 4 day vacation ride.  We will ride some of the most scenic roads in America.  Check out our events calendar and come join us as a guest or better yet become a part of our riding family!   

Why we ride


Simply stated, we ride because we love motorcycling.  The beauty of the bikes, each one customized to fit its owner. The feeling of wind in our faces.  The realization that riding 200+ miles for a sandwich is actually quite normal.  The camaraderie of enjoying that sandwich with a group of close friends.  If you are looking for a fun group of avid motorcyclists to ride with, you have found the right place!  We strive to have a balance of all types and distance of rides so that all of our members can share our love of motorcycling. 

2020 Officers

Director, Web Master - Wayne Toth


Assistant Director, Social Media - Duane E.


Secretary, Membership Officer - Carrie H.


Treasurer - Brian S.


Historian - Rick M.


Photographer - Becky C.


Road Captain, Membership Officer - Alan K.


Road Captain - Rich V.


Road Captain - Chris W.


Road Captain - Rooster


Road Captain - TBD


Road Captain - TBD